Relationship Quiz

The beginning of a romantic partnership often evokes a flurry of optimistic feelings. You may wonder if you’re feeling love or lust for the person, you’ve recently started dating.


The focus of lust is primarily sexual or physical, and it does not include a want for emotional or intellectual connection. In contrast, love is opening up to another person, risking rejection, and making an effort to deepen the bond between you.


A mind-blowing Relationship Quiz Game is waiting for the couples!


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Let us dive straight into “How to play this subtle game and get to know your partner”. Before starting the Quiz, we should know the rules to get the full out of this.


You will be providing your partner’s E-mail Id, so that we’ll forward the Quiz to them as well. Once we get the responses from you and your partner, we’ll send both the responses to you and your partner’s respective email addresses. Looks like we’re good to go with the Quiz to know how much you both know each other. So, are you ready to make it happen?

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